Houseverbot w/ Joachim Spieth

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Houseverbot w/ Joachim Spieth

Houseverbot w/ Joachim Spieth

HouseVerbot is a new Sunday after-party.
It suits Berlin and its way of living to spend the first (or last) day of the week, dancing. When the scene started back in the late 80’s, and the Berlin Wall came down, there was already techno music – futuristic, industrial, and energetic. It transcends racial and class boundaries because it takes us back to our tribal routes, techno dancefloors are open to all. Due to the out-of-body experience dance can generate, it is suggested that someone who dances to techno, moving to percussive and repetitive music ‘is freed from society’s rules‘. Raving is an experience that helps individuals and groups create meaning out of confusion by offering an alternative way of being which allows for the construction of, and the management of the self. It creates an experience that involves a process whereby one is transformed from being an ‘outsider’ to becoming a member of a community. ►►

JOACHIM SPIETH || AFFIN Records, Stuttgart
Anja Zaube || Nemorous Rec., Berlin
Ephemera (Guy Dahan & Lipstick Trash B2B Set) || Houseverbot, Berlin
Deepneue || TrashEra, Vox Populi



See you all on the dance floor!


Mai 14 2017


Datum: 14.05.2017
Uhrzeit: 16:00
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