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ISMUS 8.0 Mutualism

ISMUS 8.0 Mutualism

MUTUALISM [myoo-choo-uh-liz-uh m]

.mutualism is defined as a relationship that benefits two organisms, or as a doctrine in sociology where mutual aid is beneficial to society and the individual.

This time we will look into the science of mutualism, and understand the beauty of coexisting beneficially with one another. The importance of helping and loving your neighbour seems often forgotten, so we will explore the wonder of this process in nature and in our very own lives. „The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation“.


Ascion b2b D. Carbone
Kuno b2b spaceinvasion
Cristian Marras b2b Balas
Salvatore Foglia
OSKAR. b2b Philipp Drube



16 Dez 2016


Datum: 16.12.2016
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