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DEATH # DISCO presented by aufnahme + wiedergabe & DEATH # DISCO LINE UP HIGH-FUNCTIONING FLESH [live] (Dais Records) HØRD [live] (Sacred Court/SNTS, Giallo Disco) ANTONI MAIOVVI (Giallo Disco, Bordello A Parigi) PHILIPP STROBEL (aufnahme + wiedergabe) IAN P. CHRIST (Ceremonies) + SECRET SPECIAL DJ (tba)  


Disgust × T/W/B w/ Falhaber, Rezystor, 74185#, Melania # 0 3 Disgust represents a rigorous and bizarre concept of music and visual translation. T/W/B’s mongrel war dogs 74185#, Falhaber and Rezystor penetrating transmarginal torrents beyond the zero. Local dreadnought Melania atomizing the doors of perception, squealing spasmic abreactions out of tender preyand. The in-house lobotomy […]

Houseverbot w/ Joachim Spieth

Houseverbot w/ Joachim Spieth HouseVerbot is a new Sunday after-party. It suits Berlin and its way of living to spend the first (or last) day of the week, dancing. When the scene started back in the late 80’s, and the Berlin Wall came down, there was already techno music – futuristic, industrial, and energetic. It […]


ENTROPIE#9 LINE UP Robert S Live [Robert Limited, Sleaze Records] (PT) Dyad [Dyad Records, Tsunami, Don’t be Afraid] (UK) MDSG [d.Mount, Entropie] Alberty [d.Mount, Entropie] Legat [Entropie] Entropie is understood to represent techno in it’s uncompromising form. We are proud to present a powerful line up tonight. Should be a good one!  


47.9 On Friday November 25, 2016, Tommy Four Seven will return to Berlin’s Arena Club for 47.9, the ninth instalment of his regular 47 club night. LINE UP Ancient Methods OAKE (DJ Set) VSK Tommy Four Seven    

BETON Halloween Special

BETON Halloween Special Only High Quality Music That we Like and Love Secret LINE UP  

Ismus – 7.0 REVIVALISM

Ismus – 7.0 REVIVALISM 7.0 REVIVALISM [ri-vahy-vuh-liz-uh m] .the process of encouraging new interest in something such as an old tradition or a type of music. LINE UP Altern 8 DJ Neil Landstrumm LIVE Konx-om-Pax Bastus Philipp Drube For Ismus‘ 1 year anniversary we are looking back to the 1990’s! We will celebrate the era […]

OXYT | From Another Mind Showcase

OXYT | From Another Mind Showcase   LINE UP SHDW OBSCURE SHAPE RYAN JAMES FORD JAVIER BÄHR SILENT-ONE YUNG Explore the unconscious, with Techno from Another Mind.

Disgust w/ Ayarcana & WarinD

Disgust w/ Ayarcana & WarinD 01 ▔ A y a r c a n a – Vae Victis Records / Parachute Records ▔▔▔▔▔▔ Vicious super-sonic virus from italy. A sound thrilling your brain with sort of teeth-like little raspy in-curving hooks through your ears to rupture it surgically out into the void. Kick drums like […]