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BETON Halloween Special

BETON Halloween Special Only High Quality Music That we Like and Love Secret LINE UP  

Ismus – 7.0 REVIVALISM

Ismus – 7.0 REVIVALISM 7.0 REVIVALISM [ri-vahy-vuh-liz-uh m] .the process of encouraging new interest in something such as an old tradition or a type of music. LINE UP Altern 8 DJ Neil Landstrumm LIVE Konx-om-Pax Bastus Philipp Drube For Ismus‘ 1 year anniversary we are looking back to the 1990’s! We will celebrate the era […]

OXYT | From Another Mind Showcase

OXYT | From Another Mind Showcase   LINE UP SHDW OBSCURE SHAPE RYAN JAMES FORD JAVIER BÄHR SILENT-ONE YUNG Explore the unconscious, with Techno from Another Mind.

Disgust w/ Ayarcana & WarinD

Disgust w/ Ayarcana & WarinD 01 ▔ A y a r c a n a – Vae Victis Records / Parachute Records ▔▔▔▔▔▔ Vicious super-sonic virus from italy. A sound thrilling your brain with sort of teeth-like little raspy in-curving hooks through your ears to rupture it surgically out into the void. Kick drums like […]


LDH: SATYR LINE UP dotwav [KNFLKT] Aaron Brockmann [Compute Music] Imaminaki LIVE [LDH] laurent&neige [LDH] Syazwanov [LDH]  

PICNIC34 Record Nacht

PICNIC34 Record Nacht LINE UP ◉ Emily (Texas) ◉ Tempesta di Valvole live (world premier) ◉ Marieu ◉ Mannella   A new, but solid label in town – PicNic34 – will bring its crew to rock all night long at Arena Club. Already with its first release „Tecnologia Robotica“ – done by Mannella and Marieu with a colorful […]

Boiler Room Berlin x Poker Flat

Boiler Room Berlin x Poker Flat LINE UP ◉ Andre Hommen ◉ Johannes Brecht – Live ◉ Martin Landsky ◉ Clé ◉ Mark Henning ◉ Steve Bug Boiler Room Berlin invites the seminal label which is Steve Bug’s Poker Flat. This event is invite only, everyone else you get to watch online: http://boilerroom.tv/session/boiler-room-berlin-x-poker-flat/ Over the years […]



DISTRICT4 LINE UP ◉ Yetti Meißner b2b DeKai (OFFICIAL) (Sisyphos / Ragnarøk / Berlin) ◉ DJ Emerson (Micro.fon / Berlin) ◉ Crazy Sonic (Tronic / Wien) ◉ Holgi Star meets Holger Nielson (Ragnarøk / Berlin) https://twitter.com/ArenaClub_BLN http://instagram.com/arenaclub_official  



47.4 LINE UP ◉ Tommy Four Seven ◉ Bas Mooy ◉ Ritzi Lee ◉ I/Y 47 is a party with a simple philosophy: to showcase some of techno’s most promising new talent, alongside some carefully selected established live acts and DJs. The industrial yet intimate environ of Kreuzberg’s Arena Club provides the ideal backdrop for […]