Cavewoman | 06.11.2020 – POSTPONED

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Cavewoman | 06.11.2020 – POSTPONED

Cavewoman | 06.11.2020

Postponed to 19.12.2020.

This is also the catch-up date for the event on 31.05.2020

Tickethotline 030 – 479 974 47

The Arena Berlin is also looking forward to its female counterpart to the Caveman: – CAVEWOMAN!

Sex, lies and lipsticks – CAVEWOMAN Heike uses the last hours before the wedding ceremony to give the embarrassingly early wedding guests a quick course in man-woman relationships. And that with a good portion of anger in her stomach. Or what would you say if your husband disappeared one night before the wedding just because you said “Get lost! But don’t worry: CAVEWOMAN is not a feminist large-scale attack on the common species man – it’s rather a pleasurable look at the coexistence of two different beings who have to share a planet, a country, a city and the worst: ONE APARTMENT!

Heike, Tom’s future wife, settles this brilliant solo show against the self-proclaimed “Lords of Creation”. Sometimes with the rough Stone Age club, sometimes with the pointed, perfectly groomed nails of a modern cavewoman – but always apt and hilarious! A theatre evening that will astonish you and above all make you laugh, because we have always known that if men were as good lovers as they think, women wouldn’t have time to do their hair!

CAVEWOMAN is based on “Defending The Cavewoman” by Emma Peirson. The author, director and producer for theatre and television graduated from the South African School of Film, Television and Drama (A.F.D.A.) with an honours degree in drama (production, writing, directing and acting). As co-owner of Frosti Lemon Productions, she specializes in the production and execution of musicals and plays.

Between 1997 and 2000 Emma Peirson was nominated as author and director for “Defending The Cavewoman” and co-author of the comedy show “10% off” as best playwright and best director at the A.F.D.A.. She was awarded Best Supporting Actress in 1999 and Best Director, Dramatic Artist and Producer for Defending The Cavewoman in 2000. She was nominated for two VITA Awards, Best Newcomer in Comedy in 2000 (Deon Opperman’s PLAYBOYS) and Best New South African Screenplay in 2002 (Defending The Cavewoman). Productions in which she took part: A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM, EQUUS, VICIOUS CIRCLE, IT’S FUNNY WHEN YOU’RE DEAD, PLAYBOYS, BAD HABITS, CYRANO DE BERGERAC, IMPROMPTOO ZOO, REQUIEM, MAGSPEL, SEX LIES AND LEOPARD CRAWL and VERE. Their last show, the international hit “100% Sex Therapy”, runs with constant success in Johannesburg, South Africa, as well as the successful musical sketch show “The cheap show”.

Cast: Ramona Krönke

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play in German language


Nov 06 2020


Date: 6.11.2020
Time: 19:30 - 21:00
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