Selected VIII w/ Adam X & Ness

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Selected VIII w/ Adam X & Ness

Selected VIII w/ Adam X & Ness

In this midsummer season we are happy to welcome the New Yorker DJ Adam X who will make you sweat on the dance floor. Since the 90’s he has been playing music and has also established his own label Sonic Groove. His style of music is as always fitting the Selected style, very hard and aggressive.
The opposite to him is represented by the French DJ Ness whose productions are more atmospheric and hypnotic but not specifically less hard.
Furthermore we are being supported by the RAW Imprint boys whose resident Jonas Landwehr is celebrating his debut at our party.
Vermeer, which is a new project from two of our residents, will also play their debut set at Selected. They will wear the same glasses but in different colours. Be ready for a surprise!
Look forward to a hot night!

Line Up:
Adam X [Sonic Groove / CLR]
Ness [EarToGround / The Gods Planet]
Jonas Landwehr [RAW Imprint]
Vermeer [selected]



Jul 21 2017


Datum: 21.07.2017
Uhrzeit: 23:00
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