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Route 8 [Lobster Theremin,Nous]

Florian Kupfer[L.I.E.S.]

I/O [Texture, Sankt Veit]

Ronaldson [Texture]

Texture dedicates itself to House Music in its complexity, appreciating it as a rhythmical and tonal framework that can be endlessly variegated, recomposed and repeated, still capturing a specific emotional response. Right there in between uncompromisingly raw grooves, pending melodies and playful excursions, intermingling aesthetics continuously recreate free space. That’s where Texture wants to start its explorations, inviting fierce aficionados of the genre as well as all friends of a familiar, intense and loosed atmosphere to join the party.

The first club night heads to a dreamful and magnetizing zone, where Route 8 and Florian Kupfer will guide us through. Both artists have been pleasantly resolving contradictions within their productions and DJ sets and we are looking forward to move in all directions – dancing fast-paced and low-slung, ecstatic and filled with ease.

The latest, widely appreciated releases of the Hungarian Route 8 (also known as Q3A) on Nous and Lobster Theremin were characterized by a melange of lo-fi-esque, distorted and rough percussion, blissful waves, subtle melodies, gently driving basslines and a dash of dub. His dreamy house sound exposes a contemplative depth, however its punchy hub never fails to electrify and unfolds certain unexpected energies. In his DJ sets Route 8 shows a great talent and diversified practice of combining everything that is deep, warm and heavily grooving.

Following „Feeling“, his celebrated debut on L.I.E.S. records, Florian Kupfer’s latest releases on the influential New York label as well as those on the Ninja Tune-offshot Technicolour and W.T. Records revealed further insights in the artist’s formula of a compelling and hypnotic house sound. Bumpy and noisy yet hauntingly tight beats follow a minimalist approach, leaving space for some sweet melancholia or a high dose of psychedelic funk. Both Kupfer’s wild, harsh grooves and the mindful density of his compositions evoke an irresistible physicalness, which is also central to his DJ sets.


Mai 14 2016


Datum: 14.05.2016
Uhrzeit: 23:55
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