ZwischenWelten meets Holotone_ Scald Process A\V Live premier

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ZwischenWelten meets Holotone_ Scald Process A\V Live premier

ZwischenWelten meets Holotone_ Scald Process A\V Live premier

For this last edition of the year, ZwischenWelten is going to host a Holotone Showcase, to celebrate the Album Release of SCALD PROCESS, the first chapter of the Label Limited Series.
On this occasion, the UK artist will introduce the crowd to his A/V Live Set, featuring Liam Noonan and Marco Donnarumma.
It will be possible to get Holotone records and handprinted merchandise at the Label Shop present during the night.

Lineup and more details soon.

– Darkly beautiful, restless visuals and soundscapes within a massive fog of sub bass, SCALD PROCESS is a new collaboration between Stormfield(FAUSTEN / Combat Recordings) and various live instrumentalists and vocalists including Luxul, Liam Noonan, Eden Grey, Joe Zeitlin, Marco Donnarumma and Mar Del Corral.

– A unique presence across contemporary performance and media art, Marco Donnarumma distinguishes himself by his use of emerging technology to deliver artworks that are at once intimate and powerful, oneiric and uncompromising, sensual and confrontational. Working with biotechnology, biophysical sensing, as well as artificial intelligence and neurorobotics, Donnarumma expresses the chimerical nature of the body with a new and unsettling intensity. He is renown for his focus on sound, whose physicality and depth he exploits to create experiences of instability, awe, shock and entrainment.

– The young talent Liam Noonan is a music producer, violinist and digital artist working to combine music and visual media in contemporary AV live shows and performances.

Dez 15 2017


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