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7 years of aufnahme + wiedergabe @ Arena Club

7 years of aufnahme + wiedergabe @ Arena Club LINE UP: Ancient Methods Codex Empire live Current 909 live Human Performance Lab live MELANIA . Philipp Strobel Rendered Sixth June live tickets: early bird tickets: sold out. night owl tickets: sold out. regular tickets are available here: www.aufnahmeundwiedergabe.de/7years design: Jennifer Black | Modern Movement

HÄXAN @ Arena Club

HÄXAN @ Arena Club Ritual transcendence — LINE UP: MELANIA . ☩ [aufnahme + wiedergabe] Zanias ☩ Noiztank / Fleisch Luna Violenta ☩ Instruments of Discipline X-Tin ☩ HÄXAN


VASELINE FACTORY – MIGRANTS LINE UP: MELANIA (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe) Ian P. Christ (Death # Disco / Ceremonies) Tilt (I.nomac & Nrec live-djset / Vaseline factory ) Nigredo Live (Vaseline factory) Gunter  (Vaseline factory ) I.nOmac (Dada revolution – Vaseline factory ) Mapping : 💗 Kalma  


Disgust × T/W/B w/ Falhaber, Rezystor, 74185#, Melania # 0 3 Disgust represents a rigorous and bizarre concept of music and visual translation. T/W/B’s mongrel war dogs 74185#, Falhaber and Rezystor penetrating transmarginal torrents beyond the zero. Local dreadnought Melania atomizing the doors of perception, squealing spasmic abreactions out of tender preyand. The in-house lobotomy […]